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Wednesday Links - Edition 2022-11-02

Pre-Allocated Methods for HashMap and HashSet (1 min)πŸ₯€

ObjectInputFilter (10 min)🚰

Selectively Shifting and Constraining Computation (12 min)🚏

Push-based Outbox Pattern with Postgres Logical Replication (8 min)πŸ“¬

xq - like jq but for XML (30 sec)🧰

3 Java Patterns that died in 2022 (6 min)🐾

Kafka Transactions with Spring Boot (9 min)🀝

Dear JetBrains. Don't mess with your UI. (2 min)⚠️

GraalVM 22.3 (9 min)πŸ†

Whiskey Clustering with Groovy and Apache Ignite (3 min)πŸ₯ƒ

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