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Wednesday Links - Edition 2021-12-22

Java: Why a Set Can Contain Duplicate Elements (3 min)🤖

Evaluating performance of time series collections (12 min)⌛

Spring Boot 2.6 exposes a health group under the additional path (30 sec)❤️

StampedLock as an alternative to using a ReadWriteLock (30 sec)🔒

The current log4j adoption trends (1 min)📈

The Best Spring Data JPA Logging Configuration in Spring Boot (5 min)🪵

Low Latency Microservices, A Retrospective (6 min)🚄

The container throttling problem (22 min)✋

Java 17 garbage collector options and the associated performance implications (30 min)🗑️

Understanding Metaspace and Class Space GC Log Entries (7 min)🌃

SecurityManager and log4j exploit (3 min)👮

Value Classes in Kotlin: Good-Bye, Type Aliases!? (6 min)💲

Beautify third-party API with Kotlin (3 min)🦋

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