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Wednesday Links - Edition 2022-10-26

Please pick a number (5 min)πŸ”’

Introducing Spring Modulith (6 min)ί·

Venkat Subramaniam Brings a Contemporary Twist to GoF Design Patterns with Modern Java (9 min)🦹

Input latency (1 min)πŸ‡

Latency vs sales (1 min)🐒

Explain why you use dependency in Gradle (30 sec)🀷

CVE-2022-31684: Reactor Netty HTTP Server may log request headers (45 sec)πŸ—£οΈ

BellSoft Introduces Alpaquita Linux for Containerized Java Applications (2 min)πŸ¦™

End-to-end field-level encryption for Apache Kafka Connect (8 min)πŸ”‘

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