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Wednesday Links - Edition 2021-09-15

Java 17 is here: 14 JEPs with exciting new language and JVM features (8 min)🎉

Kotlin type inference for recursive generic types (30 sec)🌀

IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2.2 (10 min)🎉

JUnit 5.8 is released (1m)🎉

@RunWith deprecated in JUnit 5.8 (30 sec)🎉

Java 17 officially supported in Spring Boot 2.5.5 (30 sec)🎉

TravisCI leak (1m)đŸŠč

TIL availableProcessors is dynamic during JVM lifetime (30 sec)🔌

Exploring 120 years of timezones (4 min)🕛

Ship / Show / Ask - A modern branching strategy (7 min)đŸ«

Modern file input/output with the Java Path API and Files helper methods (12 min)📁

Efficient Parsing of Reactive Buffer Streams (4 min)🚿

The art of long-term support and what LTS means for the Java ecosystem (4 min)⚖

JDK 17 JFR improvements (30 sec)đŸȘ°

JDK 17 Security Enhancements (6 min)🔒

Moving Java Forward Even Faster (1 min)🚄

Brief Intro to the Template Interpreter in OpenJDK (7 min)📄

Annotation-free Spring (6 min)✹

Design and Reality (8 min)đŸ—ïž

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