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Wednesday Links - Edition 2021-09-01

3 techniques to stream JSON in Spring WebFlux (4 min)🚿

The best HotSpot JVM options and switches for Java 11 through Java 17 (12 min)πŸ”¦

JEP 413: Code Snippets in Java API Documentation (1 min)πŸ”£

ShedLock with Spring Boot (2 min)πŸ”’

It’s time to move your applications to Java 17. Here’s why. And here’s how. (10 min)πŸ’Ί

WireMock 2.31.0 with JUnit Jupiter support (30 sec)πŸͺ

IntelliJ IDEA warnings in Action (40 sec)⚠️ tip for registering gauges that do expensive things (1 min)🩺

zx - bash in JS (1 min)πŸ–₯️

Useless use of GNU (10 min)πŸ’₯

Software Development Waste (4 min)πŸ—‘οΈ

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