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Wednesday Links - Edition 2020-07-08

JEP 387: Elastic Metaspace (6 min read) πŸ¦†

Kotlin 1.4-M3 is Out: Standard Library Changes (10 min read) πŸ“š

Comparing two strings irrespective of their capitalization in Kotlin ( 20 sec read) πŸ“Š

Gradle vs Bazel for JVM Projects (22 min read) πŸš…

Digging into Hibernate's Query Cache (8 min read) 🧊

Implementing a Cache with Spring Boot (9 min read) πŸ§ƒ

A Concurrency Cost Hierarchy (40 min read) πŸ—Ώ

IntelliJ's text based HTTP client (1 min read) πŸ“‘

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