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Wednesday Links - Edition 2021-02-17

Pattern Matching in Java (6 min read) πŸ¦“

Why Namespacing Matters in Public Open Source Repositories (7 min read) 🏷️

Introduction to Reflectionless: Discover the New Trend in the Java World (6 min read) πŸͺž

Building a layered modular Java application? Watch out for these! (11 min read)

Java AWS Lambda Container Image Support (6 min read) 🍰

Metrics and Tracing: Better Together (13 min read) 🩺

Reducing MD5 (and SHA) overheads (4 min read) #️⃣

Design Notes on Kotlin Value Classes (~1h read) πŸ’²

Java and the modern CPU, Part 2: The unexpected effects of instruction execution (11 min read) βš™οΈ

JEP draft: Use UTF-8 as default Charset (5 min read) πŸ”£

SpringOne - Sep 1–2, 2021 🀝

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