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Wednesday Links - Edition 2023-11-08

JEP 461: Stream Gatherers (14 min)🏞️

Who killed the JVM? Attaching a debugger twice (4 min)πŸ”Œ

How to find dead code in your Java services (8 min)☠️

Controlling JIT Compiler Overhead to Avoid CPU Autoscaling (14 min)🎩

Slim Docker Images for Java (7 min)🚒

SSL hot reload in Spring Boot 3.2.0 (4 min)♨️

Anti-patterns in event modelling - Clickbait event (7 min)πŸͺ€

Kotlin 1.9.20 Released (3 min)πŸŽ‰

Content negotiation in practice (13 min)🀝

Confusing git terminology (15 min)πŸ˜•

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