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Wednesday Links - Edition 2023-01-18

Java 20: An Almost Infinite Memory Segment Allocator (5 min)♾️

ProjectReactor and sun.misc.SharedSecrets (30 sec)πŸ’₯

The new Spring Boot version validation and upgrade support in Spring Tools (5 min)βœ…

Examples of floating point problems (10 min)🧨

A few programming language features I’d like to see (6 min)πŸŽ‹

API Design Patterns (8 min)✴️

Physical Key Decoding application (1 min)πŸ”‘

Beyond Git: The other version control systems developers use (12 min)🏰

How Gradle Works - Startup (3 min)🎬

Running Kotlin coroutines on Project Loom's virtual threads (3 min)🧡

Kotlin 1.8.0 Released (1 min)πŸŽ‰

Mockito 5 Released (1 min)πŸŽ‰

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