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Christopher Kocel
Christopher Kocel

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Wednesday Links - Edition 2021-04-28

JVM is a good choice if you worry about the Earth (30m read) 🀩

Consider use timestamp instead of boolean in your DB (3m read) πŸ“†

GraalVM seems not to be production ready yet (30s read) πŸ’©

How SaaS can accelerate your business (18m read) πŸ€‘

Have you known that you can compile your Java code to older bytecode version? Here you can check how it works (10m read) βš™οΈ

How to use mocks with deep stubs? (9m read) 🀿

Crypto miners are killing free CI (3m read) 🀬

Do you need compile time reflection in Kotlin? Here you have (4m read) β›‘

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