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MongoDB $weeklyUpdate #75 (June 24, 2022): Scale Up, Kafka, and Cocktail APIs

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Listen Along at Scale Up with Atlas Application Services

Jasiek Petryk
Learn how Scale Up publishes the title of the song currently playing in their office regardless of the musical source using an old cellphone and MongoDB Atlas Application Services.

4th Edition of the Practical MongoDB Aggregations Book

Paul Done
Learn how to develop effective and optimal data manipulation and analytics pipelines with this book, using the MongoDB Aggregation Framework.

Atlas Query Federation SQL to Form Powerful Data Interactions

Pavel Duchovny
In this article, we will showcase the extreme power hidden in Atlas
SQL Query.

Build a Cocktail API with Beanie and MongoDB

Mark Smith
This new Beanie ODM is very good.

Learn How to Leverage MongoDB Data within Kafka with New Tutorials!

Robert Walters
In this tutorial, you will explore creating a change stream and reading change stream events all through a Python application.

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