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MongoDB $weeklyUpdate #65 (April 15, 2022): GDELT, Mongoose, & Hackathon Time!

πŸ‘‹ Hi everyone!

Welcome to MongoDB $weeklyUpdate!

Here, you'll find the latest developer tutorials, upcoming official MongoDB events, and get a heads up on our latest Twitch streams and podcast, curated by Megan Grant.


πŸŽ“ Freshest Tutorials on DevHub

Want to find the latest MongoDB tutorials and articles created for developers, by developers? Look no further than our DevHub!

An Introduction to GDELT Data

Mark Smith
Learn what the GDELT dataset is and how to work with it and MongoDB and participate in the MongoDB World Hackathon β€˜22.

Getting Started with MongoDB & Mongoose

Jesse Hall
In this article, we’ll learn how Mongoose, a third-party library for MongoDB, can help you to structure and access your data with ease.

How to Update Realm SDK Database Schema for Android

Mohit Sharma
In this article, we learn how to modify/migrate Realm local database schema.

Saving Data in Unity3D Using SQLite

Dominic Frei
Persisting data is an important part of most games.

πŸ“… Official MongoDB Events & Community Events

Attend an official MongoDB event near you! Chat with MongoDB experts, learn something new, meet other developers, and win some swag!

Apr 11 - May 20 (Virtual) - MongoDB World Hackathon β€˜22

Apr 19 (12:30am GMT | Lebanon) - From REST to GraphQL API’s

Apr 20 (Virtual) - Google Startup Summit

Apr 20-21 (San Francisco) - MongoDB at AWS Summit San Francisco

Apr 25-26 (London) - MongoDB @ Kafka Summit London

Apr 27 (Denver) - Mile High Gophers: Intro to MongoDB and its Go driver

Apr 27-28 (London) - MongoDB at AWS Summit London

Apr 27 (6pm GMT+1 | Dublin) - Dublin MUG: Let’s talk Atlas, Realm and MongoDB Queries

πŸ“Ί MongoDB on Twitch & YouTube

We stream tech tutorials, live coding, and talk to members of our community via Twitch and YouTube. Sometimes, we even stream twice a week! Be sure to follow us on Twitch and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified of every stream!

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🌱 Trending Topics in the MongoDB Developer Community

Why IXSCAN not enough?

Why does a multikey index query require both IXSCAN and FETCH stages?

Newly defined index does not appear in Atlas shared cluster using API or CLI

Discussion on unexpected behavior for index creation on the Atlas free tier via API/CLI identified a bug which was quickly resolved thanks to detailed feedback.

Join us in the adventure of #100DaysOfCode

Three challengers (im_Kushagra, henna_dev, and JasonNutt14) have recently passed the halfway mark on their #100DaysOfCode journey -- an amazing 50+ days of coding and sharing their learnings.

MongoDB World 2022: MongoDB Diversity Scholarships for Underrepresented Groups in Tech

πŸŽ™ Last Word on the MongoDB Podcast

Latest Episode

Catch up on past episodes:
Ep. 105 - The MongoDB World 2022 Hackathon

Ep. 104 - Scaling Iron Mountain with MongoDB

Ep. 103 - Exploring NFTs and Crypto with Professor Cardano

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🌍 MongoDB DevRel around the Interwebz

Watch our team do their thang at various conferences, meetups, and podcasts around the world (virtually, for now). Also, find external articles and guest posts from our DevRel team here!

πŸ“… Upcoming Events

MongoDB World Hackathon '22
The MongoDB World Hackathon '22 is a six week challenge running from April 11th to May 20th and you can join at any time. This year’s theme is β€œData as news - A hackathon for information overload.” There are amazing prizes and swag up for grabs!

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