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MongoDB $weeklyUpdate #106 (March 3, 2023): AWS Lambda Functions, Gitpod, & the Launch of Our Community Advocacy Program!

It's Friday! You know what that means...

🎉 Welcome to the MongoDB $weeklyUpdate! 🎉

Each week, we bring you the latest and greatest from our Developer Relations team — from blog posts and YouTube videos to meet-ups and conferences — so you don’t miss a thing.

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Featured Post

Interact with MongoDB Atlas in an AWS Lambda Function Using C#

Interact with MongoDB Atlas in an AWS Lambda Function Using C#

In this article, Hubert Nguyen shows you how to create a C# serverless function that efficiently manages the number of MongoDB Atlas connections to make your Lambda function as scalable as possible.

Other Shout-Outs

➡️ Streamlining Cloud-Native Development with Gitpod and MongoDB Atlas by @mmarcon

➡️ Source Generated Classes and Nullability in Realm .NET by @papafe

➡️ Adding Autocomplete to Your NextJS Applications with Atlas Search by Abdulrasaq Jamiu Adewuyi

🗓️ Mark Your Calendars

Every month, all across the globe, we organize, attend, speak at, and sponsor events, meetups, and shindigs to bring the DevRel community together. Here’s what we’ve got cooking:

Delhi-NCR MUG: March 3rd 2023, 10:30pm – March 4th 2023, 1:30am, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
Thailand MUG: March 3rd 2023, 10:00pm, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
Lebanon MUG: March 4th 2023, 9:00am – 10:30am, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
Paris MUG: March 6th 2023, 10:00am, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
Singapore MUG: March 9th 2023, 2:00am, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
Masterclass Full Stack Sevilla: March 16th 2023, 9:00am, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
Nairobi MUG: March 16th 2023, 11:00pm, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time

Coming up on March 15, we'll have an Atlas Search webinar with live Q&A at the end, with Erik Hatcher. Learn more and register now!

@mlynn will also be going live on March 15 to talk about how to build analytics in your applications. You can save your spot here.

This week, we had our NYC MUG and it was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who joined! It was great seeing you.

Image description

Also, @stanimiravlaeva spoke at ngIndia, and tickets were sold out a week before the conference! In her session, she showcased App Services and change streams. The crowd loved it.

Mira at ngIndia

ngIndia crowd

🌎 Exciting News from Our Community Team

MongoDB is thrilled to announce our new cohort of Community Champions and Enthusiasts joining the Community Advocacy Program. This program is a global group of passionate and dedicated MongoDB advocates. Through it, members can grow their knowledge, profile, and leadership by engaging with the larger community and advocating for MongoDB technologies and our users. Learn more about the Community Advocacy Program.

Community Enthusiasts

Community Champions

🔦 Community Spotlight

This week, we want to give a special shout-out to Aasawari.

Aasawari deserves recognition and appreciation for her unwavering dedication and enthusiasm toward Community Meetups in Delhi-NCR over the past year. She has consistently been present at events, working hard to ensure their success and interacting with the community in a positive and impactful way. Aasawari embodies the values of taking ownership and making a meaningful impact!




Thank you for all you do, Aasawari!

🎙️ Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

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