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Code Smell 66 - Shotgun Surgery

Maxi Contieri
Learn something new every day. - I am a senior software engineer working in industry, teaching and writing on software design, SOLID principles, DDD and TDD.
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Code Smell 66 - Shotgun Surgery

Say it only once


  • Bad Responsibilities Assignments

  • Code Duplication

  • Maintainability

  • Single Responsibility Violation.

  • Copy-pasted code.


  1. Refactor

Sample Code




Some modern linters can detect repeated patterns (not just repeated code) and also while performing our code reviews we can easily detect this problem and ask for a refactor.


  • Code Duplication


Adding a new feature should be straightforward it our model maps 1:1 to real world and our responsibilities are in the correct places.
We should be alert for small changes spanning in several classes.

More info


Refactoring Guru




Photo by William Isted on Unsplash

Duplication is the primary enemy of a well-designed system.

Robert Martin

Discussion (5)

qm3ster profile image
Mihail Malo • Edited

For me, right now, both gists are linked to shotgun.php.

I strongly suggest you use markdown code blocks with syntax highlighting instead, especially for such short snippets. They are more lightweight, require less work, support theming (don't blind people, despite having dark theme both here and on github the gist embed is a brilliant white) and avoid bugs such as swapped-gist-order. There is almost no excuse to ever use a gist on, this is not Medium.

mcsee profile image
Maxi Contieri Author


There is a bug in mobile app related to caches (another code smell)
Try refreshing it.
I upload code in Gists since I am sharing it with other articles.
Nevertheless I am working in an automatic migration to embed and use the syntax as you pointed out

qm3ster profile image
Mihail Malo

I was on web, with clean cache. It's fine now (still gists, but in correct order)

dakujem profile image
Andrej Rypo

I see two same snippets. Was looking for a difference for 5 minutes, feeling dumb, now I'm amused after seeing they are the same file 😆

mcsee profile image
Maxi Contieri Author

it is a bug in devto's cache. i am migrating my articles to inline code right now