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Code Smell 234 - Long Circuit

Be smart (and lazy) with low performant conditions

TL;DR: Premature Optimization is Evil. Optimization is Good.


  • Low Performance


  1. Sort the conditions from faster to slower


Readability is always essential and you should avoid premature optimization.

Non-premature optimization happens when you have actual evidence you can improve your code execution time without much readability penalizations.

Sample Code


def is_warm():
    # This is a fast api call to your thermometer
    response = requests.get
    temperature_data = response.json()

    return temperature_data.get('temperature', 0) > 25  

def is_weekend():
    # This function checks if today is a weekend based on a slow calendar API call
    response = requests.get
    calendar_data = response.json()

    return calendar_data.get('day_of_week', '').lower() 
        in ['saturday', 'sunday']

def is_sunny():
    # Very slow function to a low performant weather API call
    response = requests.get
    weather_data = response.json()

    return weather_data.get('weather', '') == 'sunny'

is_sunny_value = is_sunny()
is_warm_value = is_warm()
is_weekend_value = is_weekend()  

if is_sunny_value and is_warm_value and is_weekend_value:
    # the 3 conditions are always evaluated
    print("Let's go outside!")
    print("Stay at home.")
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if is_warm() and is_weekend() and is_sunny():
    # the 3 conditions are evaluated in short circuit 
    # and sorted from fastest to slowest
    # for a fast exit
    print("Let's go outside!")
    print("Stay at home.")
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[X] Semi-Automatic

You can detect slow calls using actual benchmarks.

Do not consider algorithm complexity since sometimes it is unrelated to actual data distribution. (for example, optimizing an array with a few elements).


  • Performance


Find bottlenecks using Pareto rules.

Optimize your code-critical sections.



Code Smells are my opinion.


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The key to performance is elegance, not battalions of special cases.

Jon Bentley and Douglas McIlroy

This article is part of the CodeSmell Series.

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