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Maxi Contieri
Maxi Contieri

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Code Smell 115 - Return True

Booleans are natural code smells. Returning and casting them is sometimes a mistake

TL;DR: Don't return true or false. Be declarative.


  • Readability

  • Primitive Obsession

  • If/Else abuse


  1. Return truth value in a declarative way

  2. Replace IF With polymorphism.


Dealing with low-level abstractions, we usually return booleans.

When we create complex and mature software, we start to forget about this primitive obsession and care about real-world rules and identities.

Sample Code


boolean isEven(int num){
     if(num%2 == 0){
       return true;
    } else {
       return false;}        
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boolean isEven(int numberToCheck){
  //We decouple the what (to check for even or odd)
  //With how (the algorithm)
  return (numberToCheck % 2 == 0);     
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[X] Automatic

Many linters can check syntactic trees and look for explicit true/value returns


  • Primitive


Search on code libraries for return true statements and try to replace them when possible.


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Mohcin Bounouara

Helpful points of view, thank you!