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#JulyOT 18: Unlimited possibilities with Azure Percept

Today we learn more about the solutions that are possible with Azure Percept.

Unlimited possibilities with Azure Percept

Azure Percept is a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform with added security for creating edge AI solutions. Start your proof of concept in minutes with hardware accelerators built to integrate seamlessly with Azure AI and Azure IoT services. Azure Percept works out of the box with Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning, and other Azure services to deliver vision and audio insights in real time.

To help you learn more about the possibilities with Azure Percept, we've curated a set of blog posts to show some of the many use cases.

Intel and Microsoft host Azure Percept Bootcamp to inspire partners creating Edge AI solutions

This blog post highlights some of the creative solutions and takeaways from our partners and customers designed during the recent 4-week Azure Percept Bootcamp program.

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Solve common challenges with Azure Percept: Inspirations from Microsoft Hackathon

In the Microsoft Hackathon, Microsoft employees completed numerous hacks with Azure Percept and brainstormed ways to create solutions for real-world challenges ranging from pedestrian safety to supply-chain efficiency. They used the Azure Percept development kit's built-in hardware accelerators, which integrate seamlessly with Azure AI and Azure IoT services, to experiment with what's possible. This blog posts shows a few of these real-world solutions that target uses cases across five different verticals: transportation, healthcare, telecommunications, AI for good, and public safety.

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Discover the possibilities with Azure Percept

This blog post explores some ingenious solutions that are driving value across manufacturing, retail, smart cities, smart buildings, and transportation. It also sharse some step-by-step projects and other resources to help you get started with Azure Percept.

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