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Welcome to #JulyOT!

JulyOT 2022 is finally here, and we are excited to share 31 days of IoT goodness throughout this month.

Each weekday we will be publishing one or more articles here all grouped into the following themes:

  • Beginners, makers, and students
  • Embedded development
  • AI on the Edge
  • Learning and certifications

Some will be full blog posts, others will direct you to videos, GitHub repos, other blogs, or code samples.

Check back here every day for more IoT goodness.

In this post

IoT Cloud Skills Challenge

Want to become a subject matter in the IoT Domain? Take the Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge - skill yourself up in 31 days and complete the Cloud Skills Challenge. This starts 1st July, so sign up now.

IoT For Beginners

IoT for beginners is a free, open source, 24-lesson IoT curriculum. The first lesson is live-streamed today from the Microsoft Reactor. Watch it live at 9am Pacific Time, or catch the recording on the Microsoft Reactor YouTube channel.

IoT for beginners - Lesson 1, Introduction to IoT, Friday July 1st, 9am Pacific Time

Register on MeetUp

Watch on YouTube

Learn more about IoT for Beginners on the official IoT for Beginners GitHub repo.

Digital swag

Check out digital swag page for #JulyOT social media images, sticker templates, desktop backgrounds and video chat backgrounds.

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