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#JulyOT Is Coming!

We can't believe it's already the last week of June!! Wait - you know what that means right?

Clear up your cables, dust off your Raspberry Pi, dig our your Arduino board, fire up Visual Studio Code with PlatformIO, or the Arduino IDE, and login to the cloud! It's almost time to celebrate the Internet of Things, one thing at a time! It's almost #JulyOT!

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As always #JulyOT will be kicking off on the 1st July, and every day we will be bringing you some awesome IoT content to get you excited about the Internet of Things.

We'll have a mix of live streams, videos, blog posts and code samples, all grouped into the following themes:

  • Beginners, makers, and students
  • Embedded development
  • AI on the Edge
  • Learning and certifications

We invite everyone to build and share your creations throughout month as you gain knowledge from these and other resources throughout #JulyOT! Be sure to spread the word about this initiative and your own projects by sharing the hashtag #JulyOT on social media! We'll be sharing our favorite projects that we find.

You can keep up with #JulyOT in a number of ways:

#JulyOT has a new home!

In the past #JulyOT has lived on the Microsoft IoT Tech Community, but going forward we have a new home -

All the content for #JulyOT now lives in GitHub. If you want to submit content then join us there, raise an issue with what you want to add, and we can help get your content shared with the world. For blog posts you can write the whole post here, or link out to your own blog. For all other content we can link to your GitHub repo, video or wherever!


#JulyOT is spreading it wings to Spanish! We are excited to bring you #JulIoT!

Julio T anumated logo

We have some live streams and blogs in Spanish lined up for you over the month. Check out the live streams page for a sneak peak of whats coming!

Our first event

Launching #JulyOT will be a series of IoT for Beginners live streams, based off the hugely popular IoT for Beginners Curriculum that offers 24 free, open source lessons on IoT. We will be running the first 4 lessons as live streams, starting Friday 1st July at 9am Pacific Time.

IoT for beginners - Lesson 1, Introduction to IoT, Friday July 1st, 9am Pacific Time

You can register for this event on and get a reminder, or join us on YouTube.

Meetup registration linkYouTube live stream link

Microsoft Cloud Skills challenge

A cartoon racoon holding medals

As part of #JulyOT we will be running a Microsoft Cloud Skills challenge, giving you a guided path to learn the Microsoft IoT stack, and compete in your learning against others. Details will be announced on the 1st July!

JulyOT digital swag

This year we also have #JulyOT digital swag! Get a new desktop background, or a background for your favorite video chat tool like Microsoft Teams.

IoT resources

For more IoT resources, check out the resources link above. Whether you want videos to help you learn, or beginner tutorials, we have you covered.

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