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#JulyOT 06: Edge Impulse Project of the Month competition

Edge Impulse have announced their challenge of the month for July, perfecting timing for #JulyOT.

Build and share your object detection project in minutes

Public Projects help the community learn from each other, and teach developers and engineers how to solve real-world problems with Edge Impulse. This month we are asking developers to see what problems they can solve with object detection on tiny devices!

With object detection you are able to detect the presence and the position of any object within an image. Use our object detection pre-built ML block that leverages transfer learning to quickly get your device to detect the objects of your choice.

Win prizes!

The top prize for the best project is $2000 and an entry into their annual competition to win a macBook Pro, AirPods and an Edge Impulse backpack. 2 runners up get $200.

You can find all the details and the rules on the Edge Impulse competition page.

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