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#JulyOT 02: IoT for beginners

As we go into the first weekend of July, and a long weekend for some, there's no better time to brush up on your basics.

For day 2 of #JulyOT we are dipping into the archives to bring you IoT for Beginners, a 12-week, 24-lesson free and open source IoT curriculum to teach you IoT from the ground up.

Course outline

A rodmap for IoT for beginners

IoT for Beginners is split into 6 projects, each one teaching important IoT concepts and coupled with you actually building something. The projects follow the path from farm to table, showing how IoT can improve the journey food makes, and covering industrial IoT, digital agriculture, AI on the edge, retail IoT, and consumer IoT.

  • Introduction - build an IoT nightlight
  • Digital agriculture - build an automated watering system
  • Logistics - build a vehicle tracker with a dashboard and location alerts
  • Manufacturing - use AI on the edge to build a fruit monitor
  • Retail - use AI on the edge to do stock monitoring
  • Consumer - build a voice controlled smart timer

Meet the team

This course was put together as a collaboration between IoT experts at Microsoft, and students from all around the world. You can learn more from the following video:

Promo video

Gif by Mohit Jaisal

Get started

What are you waiting for? Head to the IoT for Beginners repo on GitHub and get started!

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