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#JulyOT 24: Exam AZ-220 Study Guide - Provision and Manage Devices

This is part 2 of a series of posts to help you pass the AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer specialty exam. 15-20% of the AZ-220 exam will measure your ability to provision and manage devices.

The Microsoft Global Partner Solutions (GPS) Technical Team, IoT Product Group, IoT Advocates, and Microsoft Worldwide Learning have collaborated to create this guide to help you prepare for the Microsoft Azure IoT Developer exam!

Skills Measured: Provision and Manage Devices

Set up the device provisioning service

Manage the device lifecycle

Manage IoT devices by using IoT Hub

Manage IoT devices by using Azure IoT Central

NOTE: In most cases, exams do NOT cover preview features, and some features will only be added to an exam when they are GA (General Availability).

Microsoft Learn - Related Learning Paths

Provision IoT devices at scale by using the Device Provisioning Service (5 Modules)

Learn about the Device Provisioning Service properties and capabilities, device attestation mechanisms, device provisioning lifecycle tasks, and you will implement device enrollment (and disenrollment) using individual and group enrollment processes.

Manage IoT devices by using IoT Hub and apps (5 Modules)

Learn about device management patterns and the capabilities for device management, including bulk device management, that can be implemented using features of IoT Hub and by developing code.

Build low touch IoT solutions by using Azure IoT Central (4 Modules)

Learn about the Azure IoT Central application platform and the support that it provides to companies with limited budgets and technical resources who are interested in developing, managing, and maintaining IoT solutions.

Other Helpful Resources

Happy studies!

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