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Meteor Impact 2020 private meetings

Starting on Monday October 12th you can schedule private meetings on the Meteor Impact website! This is the best way to have meetings with other Meteor developers like you would at a live conference.

To get started go to the schedule meeting page and select the people you want to meet.

Scheduling private meeting start

Probably best to send them a message ahead of time, which you can do when you check the person's profile (list of attendees is available if you are registered) and you will see a button to send the person a message.

After selecting the participants you will be presented with a calendar of available dates. Meteor Impact 2020 allows you to schedule a private meeting between October 12th and October 25th.

Finally you put in a name for the meeting and any additional message/description/agenda.

Private meeting finished

The last thing remaining is to send an invitation which the system will do for you. Each participant will then reply and tell you if they will attend. You will also see a countdown to the meeting.

Once it is time for a meeting you will be able to enter a video conference. It is the same system that is used for the regular talks. So if your system can run Zoom (or more specifically its web version), then you are fine.


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