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Impact 2022 keynote speakers, game and hiring tag

Time is an unstoppable force and Impact 2022 is slowly approaching. The schedule is half-filled already and there is a few things to share!

First things first, our two keynotes (for now).

First comes Radosław Miernik from Vazco with his keynote about "Why all the fuss about fibers?", a very timely talk.

Second and another well known name in the Meteor community is Alim Gafar, representing Meteor Software, with his keynote "Building the embassy" about the Meteor ambassadors program.

Check out the agenda for all the other new talks!

New this year is a point game. The game is to encourage more participation and to guide people to see everything that Impact has to offer. There will be prizes for the top participants. What exactly will be announced later.

The last part to announce here is that there is a new tag by sponsors & vendors to indicate if they are hiring.

That is it for now! Make sure to submit your talk, sign-up, let me know if you want to become a sponsor or if you have any other ideas what we can do during the conference!

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