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Impact new keynotes, sponsors & trade show

Impact is quickly approaching and with that we have more announcements to share!


Alim Gafar

Alim Gafar

Alim is most recently known as Vice President of Strategy & Community Growth at Meteor Software, but he has a long history with Meteor as being the main organizer of the Meteor NYC meetups among other involvement. For Impact, Alim will speak about building up the Ambassador program and what is next.

Gabriel Engel

Gabriel Engel

Gabriel is the founder and CEO fo, first major Meteor FOSS projects. He will give a keynote about how has grown with Meteor over the seven years since it was originally conceived in 2015.

New Gold sponsor

Vazco logo


If you have been around Meteor for while you have no doubt heard about Vazco. The Polish company that builds amazing products with Meteor and gives back to the community. Vazco is back this year as a Gold sponsor of Impact.

Trade show

Finally the last addition that I will talk about in this post are trade shows. In many conferences there are some sorts of area where vendors, sponsors or sellers get to setup their booth and interact with the attendees, be it to sell their wares, scout for talent or spread awareness for their project. At Impact we will be doing two virtual trade shows.
One on Thursday and one on Friday where attendees can visit the booths of companies and interact with company representatives. Following that there will be period of 4 hours for additional one on one meetings.

That is it for today! Stay tuned for more updates soon!

In the meantime, there is still time to host a talk at Impact or have your company become a sponsor!

In any case, you should definitely sign-up for Impact!

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