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BlazeJS v2.6.2 released!

A patch release for BlazeJS has been released.

This is a small patch release fixing two issues and moving TypeScript types into core for more comfort:

  • Add TS types to core
  • Stop establishing unnecessary reactive dependencies
  • Fixes for legacy clients

Many thanks to Gabriel Grubba, Denis Perov and Zodern for contributing to this release!

Next step is Blaze v3 which is in works. Version 3 will follow in MeteorJS transition away from Fibers and supporting async methods while maintaining all the things you love about Blaze. You can also expect updated dependencies and some speed improvements (when it comes fragment parsing). More things are in works, so make sure to check the Blaze 3.0 milestone for more details.

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Joe Pea

Is Blaze usable on its own outside of Meteor yet?