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Meteor Community Packages listing for Hacktoberfest 2023

With Hacktoberfest 2023 around the corner I went through the arduous task of going through the Meteor Community Packages and prepared them for Hacktoberfest and prepared for you a list of where and how you can contribute to MCP packages from beginner working on existing issues to issues for more advance people.

For almost any package that we have in MCP there is a set of common things that you can help with like adding TypeScript types (if they are not present), moving tests to GitHub Actions, writing tests, updating dependencies and applying code standards.
You don't have to ask if you can take on an issue, if you feel like it, go ahead, work on it and then submit a Pull Request.

Now then, without further ado, let's get started!


Let's start with the easiest and newest repository. Awesome Meteor list. Contribute with providing resources, packages and anything awesome about Meteor.


There are two issues. The easiest should be to update semver dependency, the more advanced issue to do here is add TypeScript types or go one step further and do a TypeScript rewrite.

A note here that this package is used a lot through many other packages, so your work here is going to have significant impact down the line.


Meteor Desktop is looking for hero to fix issues and advance us as far as possible to the newest Electron version. Best if you have any Electron experiences. Check out the issues for more information.


This package will have a 0.7 release during Hacktoberfest. What is really missing is to ensure that tests pass and fix any bugs that come along. Adding TS types would also be a great bonus!


This will be for the more advance developers. Through Hacktoberfest the big thing here is going to be to update this package and make sure that it works great with the latest Meteor. The easiest part here should be addition of TS types and using GitHub Actions to run tests and other things.


Same as with GroundDB. Add TS types and GitHub testing.


A collection of packages to make Meteor available to other environments. Much work to do here, but I would not recommend this for beginners. If you know your way around Meteor though this might be an easy Hacktoberfest entry and get things working with packages like Storybooks and other where you need access to Meteor APIs outside of Meteor context.


This package needs some love. First to decafinate and rewrite in JavaScript or Typescript. Then we can make all the Blaze stuff optional and make sure to update everything to the latest version.

Meteor Autoform

A set of packages to quickly generate forms from schemas in Blaze. There is always something to do, fix or update.

Additional Autoform packages:


Another packages where you can become the hero by fixing a bug that doesn't allow it run pass Meteor 2.3. After that we can update dependencies and have fun with it.


We need to fix tests here (issue with startup) and then we can probably quickly move to a new release. Beyond that then is updating support for newer Meteor releases, especially after Meteor 2.8.


Following from the previous package, this one adds hooks to collections. This one has been recently released, but there are more bugs to tackle and new features to implement. This is a very popular package and your work will be appreaciated through the community.


One of the top community packages. This one is for you if you want something more challenging. We have quiet a few issues to take care of towards v4 release, which potentially include integrating Simple Schema into the package.


For those using Elastic APM, now is your chance to improve the integration with Meteor!


Another popular Meteor package for faster rendering speed. We have a React SSR bug to fix and two enhancements that you can work on.


Dependency of fast-render right now we don't have anything listed here to do, but you can always add TS types, update dependencies and add GitHub Actions tests.


This is one of my personal favorites. You can easily gain your Hacktoberfest points here by creating integrations to community connectors, following the example of existing integrations. Or if you want to make me happy add TS types.


A stable repository, but lacking. We need TS types and tests.


Nothing outstanding. Just need the usual GitHub Actions tests, TS types, dependencies updates and so on.

meteor-mocha & meteor-mocha-core

The Mocha packages are part of Meteor Testing. Both packages will get releases during Hacktoberfest in preparation for Meteor 3.0 release. In the meantime you can help with fixing bugs and for example working on better integration with VS Code.


A package to get maintain information on Meteor packages. This one needs the usual uplift, TS types, tests, etc.


Great package for SAAS apps with multiple tenants. To get back up to speed we first need to decafinate this package so that everyone can start contributing to it.


PostCSS processor for Meteor. I would recommend this for more advance users as this deals with Meteor build plugin. What this needs is mainly update of dependencies and to test that it still works well with the latest Meteor and Meteor 3.


Recently got an Async update, so there might be some bugs lurking around. Probably for more advance devs who know a bit about Meteor's reactivity as we have quiet a few bugs around that, but there is some general work like TS types available as well.


Absolute must for any app that has any slightly advance user management. Roles needs to get ready for Meteor 3, which means there is a lot of work on new features, bug fixing and so on available.


Here we need to switch packages, so if I don't forget we will get a release or two here. You can help with the usual improvement work as the PRs should be ready to go.


Now this is something that @jankapunkt will most likely work on. Right now this package is not used as it usage was switched to the npm package, but the problem is that the latest version of the simpl-schema npm package is not compatible with Meteor and probably never will be, so for Collection2 we want to switch back to Meteor based simple-schema, so this package needs to be updated to use the latest version of simpl-schema, but Meteor compatible. So if that sounds like something you want to help with, then head over there.


Reactive data tables for Blaze. Needs all the love that it can get.


A utility package to sync time between server and client. Needs the usual uplift.


An older package that allows you to detect and display if the user is online or offline. Needs the usual uplift and release of a new version is likely as we already have some things ready there.


Allows you to get collection by its name and have multiple collections. This one needs to get ready for Meteor 3.


This is an exception as this is an app similar to Atmosphere to list Meteor packages. We will need to update the dependencies here at the very least and personally I would like to see the addition of functionality to display if a package has been deprecated.


As the name suggest, this is an SSR router for React. If you have experience with React SSR, then your help is vital here as we have a few bugs. Other than that TS types and the usual is also welcome here.


If you are into scaling, then you can help by contributing to this amazing package.


Now this one is is like Packosphere, but instead of displaying it hosts private packages. Somethings that large companies with Meteor might appreciate, or if you want to keep you creations private. It has been on my list to check out and get working again for a while. Would really love for more people to join in.

So there you have it! If you have any questions or want pointers feel free to reach out to me or @jankapunkt !

If you like my work, please support me on GitHub Sponsors ❤️.

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