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Meteor Community survey 2022

September is here and it is time for another Meteor Community survey!

This year is probably the biggest and most advanced yet. Hopefully it is also the last one that takes place via Google forms and next year there will be enough time to build a dedicated survey similar to the State of JS. Fun fact those surveys are build with Meteor.

So what has changed this year?

First the survey is split into 4 sections:

Personal section

Just a slightly expanded section to get some basic information about you so that we can properly place your responses in the grand scheme of things.

About Meteor itself

These questions focus on the basic questions about Meteor like "What front-end are you using" and this year expanded to include official resources like Documentation and Meteor University.


Similar to last year, this question focuses on running Meteor in production like where are you running your Meteor app, are you using APM and so on.

Meteor Community Packages

The final section takes a look on stuff related to Meteor Community Packages to provide a feedback on which direction the community should be focusing in.

New types of questions

There are new types of questions to rate satisfactions with different places of the Meteor ecosystem, resources and so on.


I will be filling the survey live, on a livestream on September 15th! There I will give you some more details about why certain questions were asked and go into details about my answer, which will also include some Meteor history. I hope you will join me!

End date

Survey will close on 2nd October so that there is at least some time to get the initial results ready for Meteor Impact. So please share and let everyone know that this is happening!


As always the data will be cleaned of any identifiable data and open to public. First though you can expect a first look on the results at my Impact talk about the survey. More details will come later with a full article. When? That will depend on how much time I will be able to put towards this.

Take the survey!

PS: Sign-up for Impact 2022!

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