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Get ready for Meteor Impact 2020

Meteor Impact is approaching! As it does there are a few things that you should take into account and do.

To consider

  1. Meteor Impact is an international conference, this means that based on your timezone you might catch live only a few talks and other will be from recording.

  2. Some events are designed to be meetups with different themes. From get together of regional developers to thematic ones like "What is your creative outlet?" designed for people to showcase what they do outside of Meteor. Consider attending them (if you do sign-up for them these are usually smaller gathering with limited capacity).

To do

  1. You need to be registered to access and participate in the sessions.

  2. Go over the agenda and add the talks you wish to attend to your schedule. This will reserve you a spot. It shouldn't be a problem for most sessions, but in some cases the capacity is limited.

  3. Ask a question. Each talk has a poll where you can ask any question. So if you have one already feel free to ask. This will also help the speaker when preparing their talk.

  4. Check out the exhibitors! These are all companies that run Meteor or have people that are close to Meteor. Show them some love and who knows, maybe you might find something interesting or your next gig (quiet a few of them are hiring).

  5. Keep an eye on new changes! With two weeks still to go there is still at least one week where new talks will be added and timing of some events might change, so be sure to check-in once in a while to see what is new.

  6. If you appreciate what the community is doing consider sponsoring some of the community contributors!

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