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#TestCulture 🦅 Episode 2 - What was the first prejudice you had about the testing world before joining the industry?

At Agilitest, we questioned a few testers about the preconceptions they had about testing before working in this field. 💭 What did you think about testing before? What did you imagine? 🥶 And what's different, finally? 🤔

Some have mentioned the need for technical and development knowledge to automate tests... 😪 But in reality, with the right tools and the right team organization, it is accessible to functional profiles! 😎
Another prejudice was that tests were done by developers in an "anarchic" way, whereas testing is actually a proper discipline. 🤓

And you, What was the first prejudice you had about testing before? 🤔

Learn more about the topic: 4 software testing myths you should debunk. Thread on Twitter.

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