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#TestCulture πŸ¦… Episode 11 - Web development jobs

Software developer - Deals with the development of "heavy" client software, software that is installed on the operating system. A software developer knows how to reproduce interfaces, manage the data entered by the user, process this data through different algorithms in order to solve a problem or propose a functionality to the end user.

Mobile Developer - Develops applications for mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, which require specific knowledge. The difference lies in the execution platform. The mobile has specific characteristics and constraints such as screen size, touch interaction, battery, operating system, sensors…

Web Developer - The web developer's goal is to bring the web designer's models to life. A Web Developer does not need graphic skills. His objective is to reproduce with code the visuals created by the person in charge of the design.

**Front-end web developer - **Specialized in the realization of all the visible part of the web projects. The integration of design, animations, accessibility, adaptability to different screen sizes, but also the logic of navigation, exchange and verification of data…

Back-end web developer - Focuses on the hidden part of the iceberg by supporting data processing and security, backup and recovery, user-invisible calculations, and other complex algorithms. The languages, methods and technologies of the back-end developer are very similar to those of some software developers.

Fullstack web developer - Manages the technical part of a web project from end to end (front-end, back-end, deployment) and requires a wide variety of technologies to learn and master.

DevOps - Combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization's ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. A DevOps is either a dev who has system and cloud admin knowledge, or a system and cloud admin who has dev knowledge, or a person with devops training.

Cybersecurity Analyst - An expert in this field must not only be able to program, but also to administer systems, network, mathematics and cryptography…

Quality Tester - evolution of the developer's job for people who are attached to the robustness and the optimization of the code. Implements test strategies in relation to a specification, in order to verify that the software produced does not have any malfunction or that the anomalies identified have been correctly corrected.

Data Scientist - Finds or creates solutions to rework datasets in order to extract meaning using computer tools or mathematical and statistical analysis.

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