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Full Stack?

What in the world are these types of developers?

From what I heard, Full Stack developers have a solid understanding of Backend, Frontend, Databases, Devops and Mobile App Dev.

Although I'm a little curious on what Devops actually means as I am a noob


  1. Able to do any task that people assign you
  2. Create things for fun
  3. Answer almost every forum post


  1. Hard Work
  2. Time Consuming
  3. Too many things to cram into the head
  4. Generalist and can't really pursue Mastery for all languages in a short amount of time

How anyone can start full stacking!

Well, most of you here know what the heck programming is. So, you probably know a language too. Even if it is blocks! Well then, time to up your game! Learning Python is really easy, and that can be your Backend scripting. Majority of you have coded JavaScript too, and that's also in your skillset (along with HTML and CSS). You can learn Flutter for your mobile apps and MySQL from some tutorials and it is also a Python Module, so check them out

Can there be a program where you can use all five?

Well, I've been asking myself that too. I think that you can do that by using Python to build a http web server, use HTML, CSS & JS for the client, and use MySQL on Python to do the storage. There are also a ton of Website converters to Web Apps to do the Mobile App. And lastly use GitHub or AWS to serve the website.

What that means for me and anyone else pursuing Full-Stack status

I am working on becoming a full-stack dev and there is a lot of things to cover. I have done Backend and Frontend dev, but still lacking on the Databases and I don't even know what is Devops! Never did a mobile app too... But for those pursuing this, good luck to you and I wish you the best.

Also, I realized from the "explainimlikefive" moderators that this tag is only for asking questions, so sorry! Anyways, hope it helps!

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Chun Fei Lung

Some full-stack developers have a solid understanding of all the things you mentioned, but there also many who don’t. That doesn’t matter however, because “full stack” and “DevOps” mean different things to different people.

By all means, learn whatever you want to learn (because it’s fun!), but keep in mind that even as a full-stack developer you don’t have to know everything.

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Yeah, true! I'm currently learning JS after finding out how useful it is!