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Game Jams

So, what IS a Game Jam?

Game Jams are a type of programming contest for game creators. Every Game Jam MUST have a time limit to make a game. However, a theme is optional but there would mostly be one to keep judging organized.

Just like a hackathon (such as DEV's Redis hackathon), there would be prizes to win. A game jam, however, can be done alone. In hackathons, most people do it in groups. And in Game Jams, most people do it alone.

I've been living under a rock but I know how to make games...

Then participate in THE GMTK GAME JAM. Yes. It is THE most popular game jam in the history of game jams and started in 2017 (or I think). The Game Maker's Toolkit is created by Mark Brown and surprisingly he did this BIG game jam.

From what I searched, GMTK can be in any language and any engine. However, I tried using scratch blocks and from what I read I can't really upload it to so Oh well. However, you can convert scratch games to HTML and JS alone with some plugins which IS supported on itch so we little 5-year-olds might have a chance after all :).

Don't worry, there are still other game jams for you to participate and you can find most of the more popular ones here if you don't really like it (but you should)

I want to host one...

Well, you can! There are many platforms to host them. is the most popular. I am not sure what other else there is but yep.

And, if you are a five-year-old just like me you can check out my profile or just the scratch community in general where game jams sometimes happen and you create games using kiddy blocks.

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