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Why Git(Hub)?

I also asked myself this question

when I started programming. What is GitHub, or even Git even meant for? Why not just use A Zoom meeting and then send an email to the other guy to update their code?


I was also using when I was young. That was live-coding and monitoring! To me, I felt GitHub was not useful, as was better. Also note that only it was only today that I found out that GitHub was older than

But yeah, why not just send code via email? We can compare it and change it the way we want... so yeah.

But the problem is this.

is that nobody knows what is happening to the code, or when to send it, or how to change long lines of code via email and manually scanning the changed stuff. And so, GitHub was needed.

It automatically scans for changes and then tells you, and a person can do a pull request of a fork (or another piece of the code) and then we can review it without even MEETING the person on site or on a video-conferencing software.


However, once I started using GitHub, I did not do anything in the first days of creating an account. I did not know how to use Git and did not even learn anything other than Python functions at that time, and now I have not only done cool Python Projects, but also built over 3 websites and have over 5 programming languages under my belt.

But once I was familiar with Python and HTML, I went on to GitHub to try again. With an HTML file, of course. You can still find my first repo and the silly commit messages I wrote. I really loved the colorful interface of Git Bash and I am still using it today.

My thoughts on these 2 pieces of software

GitHub really helped me meet people and collaborate with them, them unknowingly teaching and familiarizing me with coding and made me more experienced.

Although other software for collaboration and programming are now more developed, GitHub and Git remain the trusted and most widely used collaboration and cloud storage space, which were the basic problems programmers once had.

So, that was how I had learnt about Git & GitHub.

What do you think about GitHub and features they should include (such as live code editing like

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