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Answers found while trying to sleep

This is not backed up by a source and is fully opinionated

You lie there... trying to sleep...

Then pop! An answer to the problem in you code shows in your mind. Although you want to sleep, you quickly record it to test the next day. And most likely it wasn't good.

It happened to you once, right?

At the most unexpected points of life you get an idea. Like in the toilet or walking down a corridor. Well, have you ever wondered why? When you are sitting down all motivated to do coding and nothing interesting happens.

My explanation?

When sleeping or not in a mood to ponder, we often feel unsettled, very unfinished. And it might be an issue in your code or something. In that case, your brain might think a little harder to find a solution that you think is correct, but might be horrid. The brain wants to have a good rest, but you are having an issue stuck in your head. So you want to solve it!

Just a little thing I pondered about...

While doing paperwork. Did you have any experience like this? 🤔

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