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Tips on being better.

Being better. It may or may not be one of the most profound short term goal ever, being said by everyone. Being better means bigger rewards and gains.

With my experience, I have found out 4 ways in which I have self improved.


My story.

Almost 2 years ago, my favorite activity was to eat, sleep, and stare at the computer. Being physically active wasn't on my strong side, and I was really lacking behind in terms of that.

Being inactive had struggles. I would most commonly, fail all my fitness tests, and would not dare to participate in any physical activity.

I don't know how and why, but at the start of this year, I decided to train. Running. It was one of my least favorite activities, and I decided to start.

I only had a set of really hot and thick clothing (which is bad for tropical climate like my country), and ran. The process of taking the first step, really didn't allow me to stop.

As I finished my first ever run for training, I felt a sense of relief and achievement. Although my timing was certainly bad, but from then on, I would go on to run once a week, to twice a week, to three times a week. By then, I noticed my face was getting a lot leaner, and that was one of my proudest moments.

Starting a habit is the hardest part. And for the next few sessions, I ran, and ran. I ran till I cried, I ran till I had one of the worst side stitches ever. And still ran. It taught me that discipline and resilience was the key to success, and not anything else.

After the first three months, I started going to the gym. And that was where I really upped my game.


How to improve

Fitness is really one thing, one thing I could see. My education, not so much. As I am improving myself on both studies and physical health, I would like everyone to share the same with whatever it is. From Coding, to your own problems.

So here are the 4 steps I learnt that led me to success and maybe you too

  1. Get the courage to start out, or change
  2. Fit it into your routine
  3. Always think of the small little joys that may come out when doing the task you hate
  4. Always look back and smile

The first step is the hardest, but the most direct. Let's say today, I make up my mind to start studying. I will study for 1 hour, and then complete the rest of my work. But I place priority on studying, something I want to get into on my life. Starting out may be hard, but once you hit the harsh reality and truth of your situation, you would do whatever it takes. This is probably why this article may come in use to you when you need it.

The second step is already a settled one. If you decide to start studying, find a timing that you would study. For instance, I would study from 8 to 9pm, before completing any last minute work until 10, and sleeping. Like my exercise, I decided to run every Monday at 5pm.

The third step, which I find the best way to keep you going, is thinking of the joys that come with doing something you don't like. For my fitness, I always look at the scenery when I run in the parks, and take in the nature. When I go to the gym and exercise, I appreciate the music, the professional equipment, and friends who are working out with me. When I'm studying, I may start to realize how peaceful it really is.

For the final step, once you've done this for 2 to 3 months, and start seeing tiny results, always look back and smile. Know that whatever you were 2 to 3 months ago were gone. Shiver at the fact that that could've been you if you didn't start. And that is a long term motivation.

Whatever you are, or wherever you are, it is always a goal to be better. Although I'm not a professional, I always like to improve, and so would you.

Right now I'm also reading atomic habits, (I read the first 3 pages 💀) But it looked like a really interesting book, so you may want to read up on that. Yes this is not a promotion, I just find this book interesting.

Hope you have a great day, and always improve.

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