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Hacking is dangerously easy.

At no point did I use this program for malicious purposes, and so should you. Don't ever attempt to hack someone unless given permission to do so.

So, yep.

I was browsing around this thing called the internet and thought: why don't I try exploiting stuff?

And so...

I searched a YouTube video on stuff and I saw some "wifi hacking with python". What was I doing? I was wasting time. But what I found in that process was scary.

We can't trust ourselves.

When hackers do hacker stuff, the main goal of it, and the biggest challenge, is to get access to your computer. As in, to be able to control it.

The thing about computers that it can TELL the user the info about itself. So all a hacker needs to do to know everything about you, is to pretend to be you using the computer.

So, if we know our commands well, we know that ipconfig gives us our IP address. But, we don't need it too much unless we are a developer. And, that IS the danger.

I had learnt how to get a wifi password from a local computer, and I realized something. Nobody can see it except me. To a certain extent. That is, if nobody plugs in a thumbdrive that contains an .exe file that has a three - liner python code. Yep. That short. It can then send emails and stuff to me which can then get me the wifi passwords of said human.

Since I'm a good boy,

I did not use the script on malicious purposes (except for the time my friend dared me to hack into his wifi in which I tried to but failed as he did not have a python interpreter) and the script which I used did not pose any threat, I was fine. But, That was how EASY I could get someone's passwords. All because of our system which needs those passwords to support themselves.

In conclusion?

Don't go plugging in thumbdrives, opening spam mail or NOT have an antivirus. These are especially dangerous as we developers know, that there is no limit to code. Anything is possible. So, stay safe everyone. Also, tell me if you've been hacked before 👻, mind sharing your experiences?

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