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What's the best way to store your passwords?


Some of you reading this probably are hackers too... but don't worry if you are a white hat hacker, I understand your role.

But the other side?

Yep, there ARE hackers that steal your info for the thrill of it or maybe for more evil intents. And, you probably have a password. Like, you have Discord, Google, GitHub, DEV, Facebook, Amazon and much more!

But here's the problem

There are some people who store their passwords on a Password Manager, and others have the same password for EVERY account. That's because we can't Remember them!

You know what's the real problem by now...

It's the fact that these are so easy to exploit! A hacker might be able to access all of your accounts if you use the same passwords, and don't rule out the fact that the hackers can hack into your password manager too!

Here's the solution. And, it is a Foolproof one

Simply, use Pen And Paper. Just write it down on a notebook, don't go printing it, write it down.

Simple. Don't go too overboard with tech and save your passwords THERE. I am pretty sure some of you already do this, so would have less likeliness of your passwords being stolen :)

So what's the conclusion?

Tech is moving rapidly because of the developer community creating new stuff. This is also dangerous as it is becoming more and more realistic. There is now AI, video conferencing and websites. The convenience is undeniable. But because of that, criminals ain't robbin' banks now. They robbin' online bank. Yeah.

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Spandan Sehgal

Good post. Keep it up!
And Congrats :)

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