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Gabor Szabo
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Python Programming Bootcamp #2 - First Steps

00:00 The beginning of the "First steps" chapter.
00:55 Python 2 vs. Python 3 - Why is it important to know about Python 2.
04:00 Installing Python.
04:10 Linux
05:17 Apple Mac OSX Homebrew
06:38 MS Windows Anaconda 64 bit vs 32 bit.
12:57 Verify the installation in Anaconda Prompt. Configure the color of the window.
17:26 Editor, IDE for Python
19:56 Documentation of Python, search engines, Stack Overflow
23:45 Program types
28:13 Python on the command line
29:53 Hello World! - Writing our first program in Python.
36:00 TAB completion on the Windows command line.
37:40 Windows file explorer - make the file extensions and the hidden files visible.
41:00 File extensions and Syntax highlighting in Notepad++.
43:50 How to download all the examples from GitHub
47:00 Comments
48:45 Variables
49:53 Exercise: Hello World

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