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Gabor Szabo
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Python Programming Bootcamp #9 - True and False

00:00 Intro to this video
02:10 How to get MS Windows not to close the cmd when the program ends?
04:00 Associate file extension with a program in MS Windows
09:30 Solution of Number guessing game level 0.
13:38 Solution of Fruit Salad.
19:05 Comparison and Boolean
20:30 Comparison operators
20:40 Compare numbers, compare strings (ASCII, Unicode)
24:35 Do NOT Compare different types!
28:03 Complex if statement with boolean operators (and, or, not)
31:14 Boolean truth tables
32:08 Boolean values: True and False
35:00 Flag
37:15 Toggle
38:10 Short circuit
42:10 Does this value count as True or False?
43:15 True and False values in Python
43:58 Incorrect use of conditions
45:49 "False" is True
48:02 What is the type of True and False?
49:10 Exercises: compare numbers; compare strings

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