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Gabor Szabo
Gabor Szabo

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Python Programming Bootcamp #3 - Let's eat grandpa!

00:00 More in the "First steps" chapter
00:47 Nóra had a couple of questions:

  • Should we use Atom as an editor?
  • Should we use Python downloaded from
  • What if we have two installations of Python on our computer?
  • What other editors and programming environments to use?

11:20 Asking questions?
12:15 What is programming?
18:05 What are the programming languages?
22:05 Let's eat grandpa! Words and punctuation matter!
22:35 Literals, Value Types - The consistency of single- and double-quotes.
30:20 Running the script using a relative path. Showing exceptions (runtime errors) and how to try to understand them.
34:00 How to search for explanation about an exception. How to interpret what we see in StackOverflow.
39:30 The type system in Python and other languages.
40:50 The floating point error
43:40 Value Types in Numpy, Binary (base 2) representation of numbers.

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