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Github Sponsor Sebastián Ramírez Python programmer

Sebastián Ramírez is a software developer from Colombia currently living in Berlin, Germany.

tiangolo (Sebastián Ramírez) · GitHub

Creator of FastAPI, Typer, SQLModel, Asyncer, etc. 🚀 From 🇨🇴 in 🇩🇪. Open Source, APIs, and tools for data/ML. 🤖 Python, TypeScript, Docker, etc. - tiangolo


He is probably most well know for creating FastAPI that I taught to some of my clients and Typer that I've never used.

He works as an external consultant and at the same time works on his open source projects.

On his GitHub Sponsors page you can see several more project he created and maintains. If you rely on Python, then there are good chances you use some of his projects.

Sponsors and Tiers

There are currently 188 sponsors
The tiers start from $2 / month for people who cannot afford the $5 / month for a coffee. Then $25/month or $50/month.

Then there are the names tiers that would get their logo on the FastAPI web site.

  • Bronze $100 x 2
  • Silver $250 x 6
  • Gold $500 x 9

In the tiers he mentions that sponsors will appear on this page

Silver and Gold sponsors are also promised to be listed here and on FastAPI sponsors.


Creating a web framework that many companies rely on can bring you a few sponsors.

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