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Gabor Szabo
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Python Programming Bootcamp #10 - ASCII and Unicode strings

00:00 Solution to compare numbers
03:57 Solution to compare strings
08:00 Nóra explains her solutions using functions
13:10 Refactoring
19:27 Start the chapter Strings
19:38 Single quoted and double quoted strings
21:19 Triple quoted strings (multiline strings)
21:47 What would you do if you wanted to print a quote character? Escaping quotes. \n, \t
26:43 Is it OK to TABs instead of spaces for indenting Python code? Indentation examples. Notepad++ show whitespaces.
35:13 String length (len)
35:36 String repetition and concatenation
37:18 A character in a string.
38:00 Is a string a list? No, it's a Sequence.
39:00 String slice (instead of substr)
41:58 Change a string - Strings are immutable
44:20 String copy
47:05 String functions and methods (len, upper, lower)
49:30 All the built-in functions of Python
50:29 index and rindex in string
58:24 When the string is not found we get an exception. How can we prevent it?
59:16 find in string
1:00:39 in string
1:03:51 Encodings: ASCII, Windows-1255, Unicode
1:09:32 raw strings
1:14:42 ord
1:16:16 chr - number to character
1:16:45 Exercises

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