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Gabor Szabo

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What are the super powers of programmers?

The other day I was watching a series with some people with super-power.

Super-powers allow you to make things much better and much faster than what people without those powers could do.

So I was wondering what super-powers do programmers have? I found 3:

  • Deep knowledge of a version control system. (Today it is git).
  • The knowledge and the will to write tests.
  • The knowledge how to set up a CI system to run the tests on every push and on every pull-request.

What do you think are the super-powers that programmers can have?

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Eszter Vezden
  • Open for improvement
  • Open for feedback
  • Google search master
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Ronni • Edited

As a programmer, I believe our super-powers include:
Mastery of Version Control (e.g., Git): We can efficiently collaborate on code, track changes, and easily roll back if needed.
Test-Driven Development (TDD): We possess the ability to write tests that ensure our code functions correctly, promoting reliability and maintainability.
Continuous Integration (CI): We can set up systems that automatically test code changes, ensuring quality and preventing regressions.
These super-powers empower us to create and maintain software effectively and efficiently.

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Retiago Drago

It is quite the same like he told us.
Also, do you always say hi in the opening of every comment and story you write here?

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Gabor Szabo

I find it quite ok that she expanded on each one of my items.

And apparently, looking at her other comments, she always starts with "hi".

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Cezary Tomczyk

I think there is no single definition of a super-power programmer. However, I know one thing: if you sit next to someone who has a lot of experience and knowledge, you can learn a lot from him.

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Ethan Willingham

Or her 😎😎😎

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Cezary Tomczyk

Oh, sure. :-)

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Suman Raj

In my point of view fruits, salad boost much more super power rather than alcohol or junk food, early to bed and early to rise, doing meditation at morning (before 5 a.m. in peace environment) also boost super power.

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Retiago Drago
  • Turn laziness into the most fulfilling project like Marp here
  • Create an automation of boring lazy daily things
  • Having a lazy mindest that (sometimes) can lead to solve the problem effectively and creatively

All of them have positif lazy aspect

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Muhammad Sanjar Afaq

hate doing work inefficiently === lazy?

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Peter Vivo
  • Make near any image with a right prompt.
  • The knowledge of react state handling.
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Use anime girl as their github profile picture

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Gulshan Negi

Thanks a lot for sharing it here with us. Well, I am also a software developer and in my personal experience I think over time period programmer develop many skills such as patience, logical concept and innovation.

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William Torrez

Have an abstract thinking

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Cherlock Code 🔎
  • Problem solving (breaking down problems, thinking through things step by step)
  • Patience (for handling errors and bugs)
  • Memory (remembering syntax, methods, concepts etc)
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Thomas Lepérou
  • resilience to errors
  • eagerness to learn
  • tolerance