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Gabor Szabo
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Python Programming Bootcamp #6 - if, else, elif

00:00 "Second steps" starting at Input/Output till the exercises.
00:00 Input - Output I/O
05:23 print in Python 2
08:12 print in Python 3
13:00 from future import print_function
14:57 Exception: SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call
15:50 Prompting for user input in Python 2 (raw_input)
19:20 Prompting for user input in Python 3 (input)
26:01 Prompting in both Python 2 and Python 3.
28:45 Add numbers entered by the user. oups
32:30 How can I check if a string can be converted to a number?
37:26 Nóra pointing out the error in the previous example. Oups.
38:23 Converting string to int
41:49 Conditionals: if, else, elif
53:20 Ternary operator (Conditional Operator)
56:00 Case and switch in Python.
56:30 Exercises: Rectangle, Circle, Calculator
57:40 Learning Python the Hard way.

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