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Day 95: #100DaysofCode - Practicing Collaborating Virtually.

Today I did a few labs for my bootcamp and participated in a few collaborative meetings. I have had many opportunities in my career to collaborate in person and I enjoy team projects. I enjoy it today too, but collaborating virtually is very . . .different. When collaborating virtually we all have to remember to be patient. There are things that can go wrong such as computer issues or the losing service. Sometimes our computers just want to move slower than molasses and we have to sit there awkwardly waiting for the screen to load. It is times like this where you think to yourself, "I miss the days where I could see everyones face and just show them on paper what I think".

In addition to technical difficulties, having etiquette while working virtually is hard too. There are times where you are lost and you do not want to interrupt someone else's thought. Sometimes you may have a better idea or way of doing something but you do not want to take away someone else's shine.

Learning to code has its own challenges but I think virtual learning and collaborating makes the challenges even more difficult. Still in all, I learn so much from everyone every single time I have the opportunity to meet on zoom/other platforms and I am so grateful to have the opportunity.

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