Day 84 : #100DaysofCode - Reviewing JS

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Today, I spend the day reviewing the basics of Javascript on freecodecamp. I watched the 3:25:42 hour long video on Javascript fundamentals and coded along.

I was able to get 99/110 lessons done and I am proud that a lot of it was easy to remember. I look forward to building Javascript projects.

Alt Text

One lesson that I want to remember is how to Escape Sequences in Strings. The lesson provided the following resource which I found helpful:

Code    Output
\'  single quote
\"  double quote
\\  backslash
\n  newline
\r  carriage return
\t  tab
\b  word boundary
\f  form feed

In addition, I met up with my bookclub today and we reviewed Chapter 6 of the Eloquent JS - The Secret Life of Objects! I learned a lot from my book club friends and cant wait to learn more.

I cant believe I am almost done with my #100DaysofCode journey, time flies!

As always, thanks for reading!


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