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#Day 15: #100DaysofCode - View my Sinatra Project

Today I edited my Youtube video on how to use my CRUD, MVC, Sinatra app.

In the future, I plan to create a youtube series on how to build an entire application using Sinatra so look out. Although it is basic, I am happy to finally have a web-based application available that I created on my own. Feel free to view the source code on my Github account.

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The Stock Watchlist

An awesome Sinatra application that allows you to add stocks to your personalized watchlist
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Table of Contents

About The Project

Product Name Screen Shot

This project allows a user to create watchlist and search for stocks using the IEX_Finance_API

Built With

Getting Started

To get the application started you must run

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and then go to your favorite browser and visit this webpage "http://localhost:9393"


Before running shotgun, you will need to install the gems and add content to your database manually or you can use the seeds file:

To install the gems run the following:

bundle install
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To run your migrations and update your db/schema.rb file to match the structure of the database, run the following:

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Song of the day:

Also, I learned how to add the embedded youtube videos, the link to my song of the day, and github account on by using the editors guide today :)

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