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Day 47 : #100DaysofCode - How do you code?

Today I worked on labs for my coding bootcamp. I am learning about layouts and partial forms, and thought of question that I wanted to ask the coding community.

How do you code? Do you code everything and then refactor? Do you refactor as you go? Do you code piece by piece and refactor each piece in large pieces on the way? Do you code, wait for an error, then rectify that error? Do you code and then ask for a second or third party for their advice on how to refactor or make your code better?

I ask because I am learning but can not say that I know ALL of the best practices with code. So there are times I may code something and then later on realize, "hey, I should have used a partial form here" or "hey, I should replace this instance variable with an object." Of course I add it as I learn but for future references, (and for you with jobs already), I would love to know what is the best way to code.

Any help and advice is helpful.

As always, thank you for reading!


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