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Day 5 - #100DaysofCode - Setting up a Sinatra App

Something I struggle with is setting up my text editor/app with the correct file structure to proceed with a project. Sometimes you dont need all the information given in running rails new APP_Path and I was given the following templates -- corneal and Hazel -- that do come in handy, but sometimes you just want to build it yourself.

Directory structure:

├── Gemfile
├── Gemfile.lock
├── Rakefile
├──── app
│   ├──── controllers
│   │   └──── application_controller.rb
│   ├──── models
│   └──── views
│       ├──── layout.erb
│       └──── index.erb
├──── config
│   ├──── initializers
│   └──── environment.rb
├──── db
│   ├──── migrate
│   └──── seeds.rb
├──── lib
│   └──── .gitkeep
└──── public
|   ├──── images
|   ├──── javascripts
|   └──── stylesheets
|       └───── main.css
└──── spec
    ├──── application_controller_spec.rb
    └──── spec_helper.rb
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So I set up the below if you want to just copy and paste into a terminal:
First mkdir app_name then cd app_name

bundle init Gemfile
touch Rakefile
touch README

mkdir app
mkdir app/models 
mkdir app/views 
  touch app/views/index.erb
  touch app/views/layout.erb

mkdir app/controllers
  touch app/controllers/application_controller.rb

mkdir config  
 touch config/environment.rb 

mkdir db
 mkdir db/migrate
 touch db/seeds.rb

mkdir public   
 mkdir public/images
 mkdir public/javascript
 mkdir public/stylesheets
   touch public/stylesheets/main.css
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I found it easier to copy and paste the above information to get the files I need in my application going.

After getting my file structure set up it is important to add all the gems you may require

Sinatra bundle add sinatra

Sinatra-activerecord bundle add sinatra-activerecord

activerecord bundle add activerecord

sqlite3 bundle add sqlite3

pry bundle add pry

require_all bundle add require_all

shotgun bundle add shotgun

then you must run bundle install

Feel free to add as many gems that you may require to proceed with your project. After completing that you need to make sure that your files are connected correctly and have the correct information inside of them. I cover that in a future post.

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